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Warranty Boosted! What More To Expect?

Ultraviolette Automotive recently sent out invites for the launch of its upcoming motorcycle on April 24. While there are little known details about the Ultraviolette electric motorcycle as of now, the company says it is stepping into the “next chapter of performance.” It could mean that a faster version of the F77 electric motorcycle may be launched. 

Ultraviolette F77: Quickest Electric Motorcycle

The Ultraviolette F77 is the quickest made-in-India electric motorcycle at present. With a 27kW motor, this machine manages 85Nm and offers a claimed top speed of 140kmph. The faster variant of the F77 could pack a more powerful motor, that could make the motorcycle hit a much higher top speed.

Showcased at the EICMA 2023 was a F99 prototype, which could share some of the goodies with the F77. The faster version of the F77 could even get a new colourway and downforce-generating wings.

The upcoming F77 could retain the chassis, brakes, suspension and rest of the features. The faster version is expected to be priced higher than the current model, which costs between Rs 3.8 lakh and 4.55 lakh.

Impressive 8 Lakh Km Warranty Introduced

Recently, Ultraviolette Automotive introduced extended battery warranties for the F77 electric motorcycle to ensure added security. This would provide enhanced protection to the battery and drivetrain components. So, the F7 model will have an insane 8 lakh-kilometre global warranty. 

As part of the update, there are three coverage options with the warranty package including UV Care, UV Care+, and UV Care Max. The coverage is now double the kilometres under UV Care and UV Care+, while it is eight times more with the UV Care Max.

Niraj Rajmohan, CTO & Co-Founder, of Ultraviolette, says, “Being the global pioneer in battery technology and offering an extensive warranty is a testament to Ultraviolette’s commitment to revolutionizing the electric mobility landscape.”

“The introduction of the new warranty structure for the battery and drivetrain is underpinned by rigorous efforts in battery engineering, including meticulous validation processes spanning five levels of safety, and future-ready battery technology. Ultraviolette’s extended warranty reaffirms the uncompromising quality and reliability of our electric motorcycles.”

The standard warranty for the Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle is up to 30,000 kilometers or three years. But now, the UV Care package extends this warranty and covers up to 60,000 kilometres or more than three years.

Furthermore, the UV Care+ package now extends the battery warranty to a massive 1 lakh kilometres or five years. Last but certainly not least, the UV Care Max package goes just too far, offering coverage for an impressive 8 kilometres or eight years! However, the UV Care Max package is exclusively designed for the F77 Recon model. But not to worry! The UV Care and UV Care+ packages are available for both the standard and Recon versions of the F77 electric motorcycle.