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AC Worth Rs 96K Was Listed for Rs 5,900 Accidentally By Amazon and Indians Bought it

Online shopping has made it convenient for people to buy and send gifts from any place and at any time. However, shopping from websites often becomes a mystery or a gamble. The most common issue with e-commerce is that one may order something and end up with a completely different item. There are also price errors and controversial listings that irk a few shoppers. While discounts and cash back are regular in online shopping, certain price listings seem too good to be true. Something similar took place on e-commerce giant Amazon India recently.

Amazon was supposed to sell a high-end 1.8-ton Toshiba 2021 range split system air-conditioner for Rs 90,800 after offering a discount of Rs 5,900. The AC originally costs Rs 96, 700. But it seemingly made an error on Tuesday by briefly listing the item for sale at just Rs 5,900, thus giving a 94% discount. Interestingly, the offer also showed an option of buying the product on a monthly instalment of only Rs 278. As a result, some reports suggest that a few customers were able to order the appliance at the offered rate.

After realising its mistake, the e-commerce company changed the selling price, offers and discount on the item. However, till then the huge goof-up had already become viral news.

Now the same Toshiba 5-star inverter AC, a gloss white variant, has been listed for Rs 59,000, at a 20% discount from the original price with an EMI of Rs 2, 777. But the company did not comment whether the customers who booked the product for Rs 5,900 will receive it at the quoted rate.

The inverter AC comes with some special features like antibacterial coating, a dust filter and a dehumidifier. It has a comprehensive warranty of one year with an additional warranty of nine years on the compressor, PCBs, sensors, motors and electrical parts. The appliance, in the dimensions of 105 X 25 X 32 centimetres, has a 3.3 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

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