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Pension Will Stop from Next Month If you Don’t Submit Life Certificate Now. Know Rule

Life Certificate Submission Last Date: For those who receive pension in India, a life certificate is one of the most important documents he or she can have in possession. All government pensioners require to submit their life certificates or Jeevan Pramaan Patra annually to continue receiving their pension without any breaks. The last date to submit life certificate for pensioners is on November 30 this year, which is just seven days away. Failing this, one will not be able to receive his or her pension money. The pensioners get their due money from Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs) like the banks, the post offices, and others.

What is a life certificate?

A life certificate is an essential document of existence for pensioners which acts as a proof that he or she is still alive. This has to be produced before an authorised pension distributor or agency such as the bank or the post office, and ensures that the pensioner’s workplace does not continue payments after his or her death. The government as well as insurance companies advise on issuing this certificate, usually required once a year, before providing pensions.

The person getting the pension normally needs to be physically present before the disbursing agency in order to issue the life certificate. However, in the pandemic situation, the Centre has come up with digital life certificates (DLC) to avoid Covid risks, which is considered enough proof for pension disbursal. The DLC was launched years back but has been especially useful during the pandemic.

How Can Pensioners submit a Life Certificate Online

Life certificates can be submitted digitally via the Jeevan Pramaan website (https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/) or the app. In this case, the pensioner can complete the process digitally at home by filling in the required details like name, mobile number, Aadhaar number and other pension-related details. The portal also uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication, which includes fingerprint or iris. Once can also visit a nearby citizen service centre or nearest bank/post office to submit the life certificate digitally.

Pre-requisites to Generate Jeevan Pramaan Patra Online

There are some pre requisites that pensioners must have to generate their digital life certificates or Jeevan Pramaan Patra. One is that that the pensioner must have a valid Aadhar number. Secondly, the pensioner who wants to generate the online certificate must have a working mobile number. Before getting started, the user must also register himself or herself with the government’s Jeevan Pramaan portal.

Steps to Register on Jeevan Pramaan App

For this, a pensioner must download the government’s Jeevan Pramaan app first. From here, he or she should find an option to register as new user. This option should be clicked to continue the process.

After this, the pensioner must submit his or her Aadhaar number, bank account number, and name, mobile number, pension payment order (PPO). Once all this is done, the user should find an option which prompts the app to send an OTP. He or she should then click on that option. The OTP will come on the registered mobile number. Once the code is received, the pensioner should then copy the number and enter it. This should be authenticated by using Aadhar. Now, the user must click on the submit option, after the validation of which, a Pramaan ID will be generated.

Steps to Generate Life Certificate Online

Once the Pramaan ID is created, the pensioner can log in to the app by using it and another OTP. Thereafter, he or she can click on the ‘Generate Jeevan Pramaan’ option and enter Aadhaar and mobile numbers. Now, the user should click on the Generate OTP option and enter it. After this, he or she should enter the PPO number, name, name of the disbursing agency. Using Aadhar data, authenticate the user’s fingerprint and iris by scanning them.

Once all this is done, Jeevan Pramaan will be displayed on the window and the user will receive a confirmation message on the registered mobile number.

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