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Companies Urge Employees To WFO? Here Is The BIG Reason

Work From Home culture was introduced in India to combat the difficulties in the work flow during the Covid-19 pandemic situation prevailing across the globe. And this led to benefit the people as well as the companies. As a result, WFH resulted in cost reduction of the company.

However, the tradition of Work From Home culture is diminishing as the companies have started calling their employees back to office. Let us tell you why companies have to take this decision.

Attendance For SEZ Benefits

What happens is that if the IT company is in SEZ i.e. Special Economic Zone, then many tax exemptions are available from the government. However, the government has imposed many rules for the company, out of which one rule is that the company should have at least the prescribed percentage of total employee attendance in the office within a month.

Relaxation Given In Corona

At the time of Covid, these rules were relaxed by the government, lockdown was imposed in the entire country. But now that the situation has become normal, the rules have once again been imposed on the companies. Therefore, TCS along with Infosys, HCL, Wipro have ordered their employees to work from office.

How much does SEZ benefit?

Now the question comes that what are the benefits to the company in SEZ? Actually, in SEZ area the company has the freedom to buy goods with duty free import. Along with income tax, there are exemptions in many types of taxes. The biggest thing is that a loan of 500 million dollars i.e. 50 crore rupees can be taken from any bank in a year.