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Delhi Police arrest 24-year-old man after cracking 3-year-old murder case

The 3-year-old murder of a blind man has been solved by Delhi Police, who also arrested a 24-year-old male. Yusuf, a 24-year-old resident of East Delhi’s Kanti Nagar, was arrested by Shastri Park Metro police.


A dead corpse was found near a liquor store at Metro Mall in Seelampur on November 27, 2019, and police were notified. An inquest was then opened. Yusuf was the primary suspect in this case since he was last seen with the deceased, according to a thorough analysis of all records, family members, and friends of the deceased during the course of the investigation.


On August 2, the accused, Yusuf, was asked to cooperate in the investigation. He at first denied doing the crime. When the scientific and technological evidence was examined, it became clear that on the day of the occurrence, he frequently had long conversation with the deceased, Firoz, and that their locations were the same for more than an hour before Yusuf’s phone was turned off.