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Court gives nod for cops to conduct narco test on Shraddha’s killer Aftab

New Delhi, Nov 16: The accused in the killing of Shraddha Walker will undergo a narco analysis test after a Delhi court granted permission for the same. The police had approached the court seeking permission to subject Aftab Amin Poonawala to a narco analysis test. The permission was sought as the cops feel that Aftab has been evasive when it came to answer certain questions relating to the case. The police feel that a narco analysis test would help get more information from the accused.Aftab’s questioning by the Delhi Police since Monday has revealed several gory details about the horrific crime. The police learnt that the couple fought frequently. She had asked Aftab to marry her, but he had refused to do so.During one such fight, Aftab sat on her chest and strangled her. He then chopped her body into 35 pieces and disposed it at different places. The police also learnt that Aftab had sawed her head and would look at it every day. AD Aftab and Shraddha left Mumbai and spent a lot of time in the hills in March and April. They arrived in Delhi on May 8 and stayed at different places until they moved into the Chhattarpur apartment on May 15. She was murdered three days later and the crime came to light only in November.