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Canadian documentary on coming out in the South Asian community

Sher Films releases official poster, official website, and exclusive behind the scenes footage of its upcoming debut Canadian documentary on coming out in the South Asian community.

Surrey, British Columbia – Sher Films is pleased to announce the release of its debut feature film, Emergence: Out of the Shadows.

The film explores the struggles and strengths of two South Asians who have emerged from similar experiences in Vancouver– a gay man, Alex who is also the film’s producer, and lesbian, Jag. Sharing their stories of coming out experiences gives a rare glimpse into the challenges faced with traditional South Asian families.

The film helps you understand the experiences and especially the barriers faced by gay and lesbian members of the South Asian community in Metro Vancouver and abroad in general. What makes Emergence: Out of the Shadows different is the fact that the film provides a rare insight and voice for the parents of gay and lesbian South Asians. The parents address how “coming out” is not only life-changing for their children but also life-altering for the parents who are left with broken dreams and unanswered questions. The film focuses on the rights of gay and lesbian individuals to live an open and respectable life despite traditional and often strict family values and socio-cultural pressures” states the film’s director Vinay Giridhar who is making his feature film debut.