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6 Movie Genres That are Hit Internationally But Remain Untouched in India

The West has been reinventing movie making every decade in the past and this pace has further been fueled as most of the films and franchises look for global themes and market. Be it technology, budgets or storytelling, there is no denying that Hollywood has been a towering force in the business of film and it shows in the genres they have single-handedly excelled in. However, as Bollywood continues to look for newer audiences through the OTT push, we look at some of the internationally hit genres that remain untouched even though they have shown humongous potential in audience pull and revenue generation.


A sub genre of horror, slasher films have been huge crowd pullers internationally. In India, they become hits through piracy but homegrown horror-slasher films like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer among others have not been developed yet.

Monster films

Monster films are huge success in Japan and have been adapted in Hollywood also which gave it a technological edge with CGI and visual effects. Movies such as King Kong, Godzilla and others when released internationally garner a lot of buzz in India but have not been made originally.

Disaster film

Disaster films have been made and improved internationally for over half a century. They enjoy a huge audience base around the world, but fall under the under-utilised category in India.

Adventure film

Adventure films too have global appeal, but in Bollywood, they have been limited to road films, that too every now and then. Their scale is big and hence the appeal is even bigger.

Animated film

Animation is one genre Hollywood has excelled in. The films merge real emotions with innocent storylines, making it available to kids and adults alike. They have still to be made in India on a bigger scale.

Science fiction film

Sci-fi requires expensive production scale, but not always, as Moon is a good example of storytelling done right with limited budget. These are yet to be made in India.