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Bharti Singh on Her Initial Days of Doing Comedy and the Backlashes from Relatives At That Time

Comedian Bharti Singh is a well known and loved face on television, and she has been entertaining the viewers with her quirks for a long time. The journey, however, was not smooth for the comedian who turned 37 recently. The comedian had once opened up about her earlier days in the industry, and the judgement meted out to her.

Bharti co-hosts Dance Deewane with her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa. In one of the episodes of the dance reality show, a contestant had opened up about facing opposition from her village for dancing. Her story reminded Bharti of her own struggles and she went on to share them.

She was quoted on the show as saying, “Today, your story has pushed me into flashback mode. When I was preparing to come to Bombay after I got selected in a comedy reality show. Our relatives boycotted us. They said, ‘she doesn’t have a father. What’s her profession? She makes people laugh. She wouldn’t get married. We know how girls succeed in Mumbai.’ My mummy was a single mother. My father died when I was two years old.”

In another interview, Bharti had said, “We were very poor and my mother struggled for us; she used to work as a cook in different houses. When I got selected for Laughter Challenge, my relatives were against me coming to Mumbai. The mindset in the village was that every director in the film industry are like Bollywood villains and they take advantage. Uneducated people in the village think that girls can make a name for themselves only when they do a wrong thing. But my mother was very clear that she would take me to Mumbai as she didn’t want me to think later in life that I got a chance but she didn’t allow me.”