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Vivek Oberoi on Turning Producer: I Have No Big Brother Attitude About Launching Actors, Filmmakers | Exclusive

Vivek Oberoi will complete twenty years in the film industry next year. He has played a romantic hero, villain and entertained us with his comic turns. Now he is all set to don the producer’s hat with his banner Oberoi Mega Entertainment going full throttle with backing fresh subjects and launching new talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Iti: Can You Solve Your Own Murder and horror franchise titled Rosie have been announced by Vivek since last year and both films will be releasing in the coming time.

About turning towards production, Vivek told. “When I came into the industry, everyone said that this is a very talented man. But so many complications happened that I felt let down. I felt that there wasn’t anybody nurturing me or supporting me as an actor and saying let’s give him good work. There were all these factors outside that were mattering more than what was on screen. I felt disempowered, disappointed and alone at that time. Now, by the grace of God, things are great for me. I am financially in a strong position. My businesses and everything else is doing well. My work as an actor is also being appreciated so much.”

He continued, “I would like to use this power to empower fresh talent. I want to bring in brilliant filmmakers from Malayalam, Tamil or any other film industry or just a kid out of film school who is coming and saying here is a script that I wrote. I am constantly open to all of that. I don’t involve my agency or the management until and unless there are things related to money or law. The creative aspect is directly under me. I am sitting everyday and reading scripts. People pitch me randomly and I read their content. I feel that is my religion. We must nurture and develop other content creators, actors and people from the industry. This is not coming from some ‘big brother’ attitude that come, I’ll give you a break. For me it is about creating better collaborations and to create something new. And, only the youth can bring in some freshness and novelty. That is what is exciting.

Meanwhile, Vivek is gearing up for the release of Inside Edge Season 3, where he reprises the role of power hungry businessman Vikrant Dhawan.