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Housemates Get Furious As Ankita Lokhande And Vicky Jain’s Special Privileges Unveil

The drama in Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has taken an intriguing turn, leaving both contestants and audiences abuzz with the revelation of special privileges granted to Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. The recent episode of the reality show dropped a bombshell, exposing the couple’s access to exclusive facilities within the house.

In a surprising twist, the promo video showcased Vicky indulging in what appeared to be a grooming session, leading to speculations that he had a haircut, leaving other contestants completely unaware of such amenities. This revelation triggered an uproar among the housemates, sparking demands for equal treatment and privileges from Bigg Boss.

The unveiled privileges incited anger among contestants, propelling them to confront Bigg Boss regarding the unequal treatment. Manara vocalized her need for such perks, while Tehelka Bhai (Sunny Arya) directly engaged with Bigg Boss, demanding similar facilities for everyone.

Bigg Boss, while addressing the contestants in the living area, attempted to clarify the situation, highlighting contractual obligations and the consideration of demands. Expressing the contractual agreement, Bigg Boss revealed that certain demands made by the contestants were evaluated, ensuring they didn’t disrupt the show’s flow. He disclosed that attempts were made to counsel two contestants regarding potential consequences of their demands, yet they insisted on proceeding despite the potential repercussions.

The housemates were then handed the decision-making power regarding the situation, emphasizing that the responsibility now rested on their shoulders. Bigg Boss distanced himself, asserting that the final call would be made collectively by the contestants.

This revelation has stirred controversy within the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ house, igniting debates among contestants about fairness, entitlement, and the dynamics of special privileges. The audience’s interest has piqued with this unexpected twist, making every subsequent episode of the show more eagerly anticipated.