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Post By Kangana Ranaut Defending Smith’s Slap Sparks Debate

Hollywood actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Oscars after Rock made a joke about Smith’s ex wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Kangana Ranaut supported Will’s actions at that time. Now, following an incident where a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable slapped the newly-elected MP at Chandigarh airport, Kangana’s old post is gaining attention on X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit.

In 2022, Will Smith’s actions led to his apology to The Academy and sparked division among people. Kangana Ranaut defended him on Instagram Stories by posting a picture of Will slapping Chris Rock, the Oscars presenter that year. She stated that she would have done the same if she were in Will’s position.

She wrote, “If someone mocked my mom or sister’s illness to make a crowd laugh, I would slap him just like @willsmith did… bada*** move…”

Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Her Slap Incident 

On Saturday, Kangana expressed her views on the recent slap incident, criticizing those who condoned what happened to her. Posting on X, the BJP leader and actor addressed those who defended the CISF constable.

Kangana tweeted, “Every rapist, murderer, or thief always has a strong emotional, physical, psychological, or financial reason for committing a crime. No crime ever happens without a reason, yet criminals are convicted and sentenced to jail. If you align with the criminal’s strong emotional impulse to commit a crime, you are violating all laws of the land.”

She added, “Remember, if you are okay with breaking into someone’s intimate space, touching their bodies, and assaulting them without permission, then deep down you are also okay with rape or murder, as those are merely forms of penetration or stabbing. It’s a serious issue. You should examine your own psychological tendencies toward criminal behavior. I suggest practicing yoga and meditation to avoid letting life become a bitter and burdensome experience. Don’t carry so much grudge, hate, and jealousy. Free yourself.”

Reacting to her tweet, an X user wrote, “According to Kangana Ranaut, Will Smith can hit someone for making a joke about his wife, but another woman can’t hit her for calling her mother ‘₹100 mein baithne wali’ (someone worth ₹100) and for suggesting that her farmer father should be beheaded? There should be a limit to hypocrisy, guys…”