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See How Anil Ambani Sailed Across Struggle

Anil Ambani, once wealthier than his elder brother Mukesh Ambani, is preparing for Anant Ambani’s upcoming wedding in Mumbai on July 12. Recently, he attended the Mameru ceremony and Anant-Radhika’s sangeet with his wife Tina Ambani. In 2008, as Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Group, Anil Ambani’s wealth peaked at $42 billion (now Rs 350 crore).

In February 2020, Anil Ambani declared bankruptcy due to mounting debts, stating his assets were valued at zero. By December 2020, Reliance Capital Limited reported debts amounting to Rs 20,379 crore. His sons Jai Anmol and Jai Anshul now manage the company. Married to former Bollywood actress Tina Munim, Anil Ambani is renowned for his lavish lifestyle. He owns a Rs 5000 crore, 17-storey house in Mumbai’s Pali Hill area, a Rs 311 crore private jet, and a collection of luxury cars.

Anil Ambani’s 17-storey home named ‘Abode’ spans 16,000 square feet in Mumbai’s Pali Hill area. Previously owned by the chairman of Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply (BSES), it features a rooftop helipad capable of accommodating multiple helicopters. The 66-meter high house includes amenities like an open swimming pool, terrace garden, gym, and numerous garages. Its top floor offers a breathtaking view of Mumbai, while inside, the building boasts stylish interiors with comfortable recliner sofas and tall glass windows.

Anil and Tina Ambani own a Bombardier Global Express XRS jet, valued at Rs 311 crores, as reported by the Times of India. Their garage also includes luxury cars such as Rolls Royce Phantom, Lexus XUV, Audi Q7, and Mercedes GLK350. Anil Ambani’s assets total Rs 249 crores, while Tina Ambani’s assets, estimated at around Rs 2,331 crores, bring their combined assets to over Rs 2,500 crores.