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Operational Compulsions keeping the soldiers close: Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane

NEW DELHI: Indian Army soldiers have not let the scare of Coronavirus (COVID-19) losen their deployment commitments along the borders but it is also becoming a reason for them to perform their duties in close proximity.

Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane told on Friday that our soldiers along the borders are ensuring they are fit so that they can do their duty. “It is our operational and tactical compulsion due to which we have to remain close to each other in the border and other areas.”

Army Chief quotes examples of the soldiers in units manning the Light Machine Gun positions 1 and 2 or the Tank Crew and said they cannot be positioned at distance from each other. This makes it even more important that we all keep oursleves fit, said General Naravane.

Soldiers keeping fit is the need of the hour. “We will be able to help our countrymen only when we will keep ourselves safe from the Coronavirus.” he said.

The Indian Army, since the last few weeks, has been issuing advisories for its men and the families so that they remain unaffected by the infliction of coronavirus.

“We have issued several advisories in last few weeks and compliance of them is very important,” he said and added that it also applies to those formations who do not have an operational role at present.

Army has braced up for the possibility of its men coming under the effect of virus. Talking about the preparations Lt Gen Anup Banerji said, “Isolation wards at peripheral hospitals in these formations have been geared up. Intensive Information, Education and Communication campaigns are going on for serving the personnel. Leave extension of those on leave as well as curtailment of leave to bare minimum have been imposed. Segregation facilities have been set up to observe troops already back from leave from various states.” Lt Gen Banerji is the DG Armed Forces Medical Services.

General Naravane assured the families of soldiers posted in the far flung areas and difficult terrain along the borders. “I want to assure all the families that your soldiers are safe.”

As an assurance to the soldiers deployed along the borders, he said, “We will take special care of their families and we will win the, ‘Operation Namaste’. Operation Namaste is the code name of the measures and steps taken to defeat the COVID-19.

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