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‘Thaali Bajao’ for food in Bihar amid lockdown

PATNA: What was collectively done on March 23(Sunday) by millions of people following the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to applaud health workers fighting the coronavirus by clanging up the utensils was repeated on April 12 (Sunday) by thousands of people but this time demanding food in Bihar.

Following a call for ‘Thaaki-bajao’, made by the Communist Party of India-Maxist-Leninst, thousands of poor people came out of their homes on Sunday and resorted to the same act of clanging the utensils demanding food. They continued beating up the utensils in different areas of the state for more than 10 minutes.

Stepping attack on the government, state secretary of CPI-ML Kunal said that a major chunk of state population is reeling under a starvation-like situation which has emerged out of lockdown.

“In such situation, the government should provide foodgrains on war footing to save the lives of thousands of extremely poor people living in interiors instead of beating its own drums”, he said. He said that starvation-like situation has emerged across the pockets of extremely poor people in the state even in urban slums due to lockdown.

The people also sent a memorandum to the Prime Minister through the party. The ‘Thaali-bajao’ was done also in slum pockets of Patna outside of clusters of makeshift homes by the people.

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