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Eloping for the 25th time in 10 years,with different men; husband waiting again, willing to ‘accept her’

Guwahati: The 40-year-old Assamese woman from Nagaon district in Assam allegedly ran away for the 25th time from home, leaving her husband and three children. Every time she has run away from her home in the past, she has returned within a few days.


The women has eloped 25 times in 10 years with different men, after she got married to Mafizuddin, a driver by profession. Reportedly, the woman had eloped this time, with a man from her locality.


‘On September 4, when I returned home from a garage, I couldn’t find my wife. She had run away after giving my 3-month-old baby to a nearby house. She told the neighbors that she was going to search for some foods for her goats. She took Rs 22,000 and other ornaments from my house and ran away.’ Mafizuddin, woman’s husband, told the media.


‘In ten years, my wife fled with others around 25 times after we married in 2011. After coming back every time, she promises that she would not do it again but so far, she never kept her commitment. I would accept her as I genuinely love her and we also have three small children. Who will take care of them if I do not accept my wife? I did not lodge any complaint with the police to avoid legal and other troubles’, He added.

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