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‘Finally Saw Him’: Kerala Mother Ecstatic After DNA Proves Baby Up for Adoption is Hers

The 22-year-old Kerala mother Anupama, who has been waging a war for over a month to get her ‘missing’ baby boy, was ecstatic on Tuesday evening after the DNA test result came positive.

Following this, the baby boy, which was given to adoptive parents to an Andhra couple will now be handed over to Anupama and Ajith – the biological parents and she said she is a lot happy now.

Incidentally, the first battle was won by Anupama when on Sunday night a four-member team formed on the directions of the CWC returned with the ‘missing’ baby from Andhra Pradesh.

“I feel very very happy. I saw the baby for some time, but now I feel sad after leaving him. We are told by the authorities that the case is being preponed by two days as the court had earlier posted the case for November 30,” said Anupama after seeing her baby for a brief while.

She was accompanied by her husband Ajith also and was with the child for about 20 minutes. The child is presently under Kerala government custody.

An hour before she saw her baby, came the news of the result from the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology that the baby is hers.

“We just can’t express our feelings, we are extremely happy and now we know that there are very little procedures before we can get our baby back,” said Anupama.

And soon the call came from the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

Earlier in the day Anupama who was eagerly waiting to hear the result of the DNA test said she now wants a CBI probe to dig deeper.

“Yes, I am excited and am waiting to hear the DNA result. We have named our son as Aiden Anu Ajith. We will now seek a CBI probe as we are now certain that truth will never come out if the Kerala Police probes this,” said Anupama, who was on a sit-in protest in front of the office of Kerala State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCWC). She is seeking action against the officials of the Council and also the CWC.

And on Monday, the couple and the baby’s samples were taken for the DNA test.

It was a family court, which acted first and when it was to have given the final clearance for their adoption, a huge media blitz came as succour to Anupama. The Pinarayi Vijayan government directed the CWC and KSCCWC to act quickly after the court stopped all the follow-up procedures for legalising the adoption to the Andhra couple.

Anupama, the SFI activist and granddaughter of one of the topmost yesteryear CPI-M leaders in the state capital, and her husband Ajith had approached the state police chief and the CWC, but it was only after the couple approached the media that things started to move in their favour and now all eyes are on when she will get her baby boy and for that the family court will decide, sooner than later.

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