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Nine Shutters of Mullaperiyar Dam Opened After Heavy Rains

Tamil Nadu opened nine shutters of the Mullaperiyar dam on Tuesday morning after heavy rains in the catchment area of the reservoir, the District administration here said. The district administration at 10.00 AM said that five out of the nine shutters were raised by 60 centimeters and the remaining were opened by 30 centimeters.

The water level in the dam at 10.00 AM was 142 feet, it said. Four shutters of the dam were initially opened at 5.00 AM by 30 centimeters (cm) each and thereafter, at 7.00 AM two more shutters were opened by 30 cm, it said. At 8.00 AM two more shutters were opened, taking the total open shutters to nine of which three were raised by 60 cm.

Thereafter, at 9.00 AM five of the nine open shutters were raised by 60 cm to discharge a surplus of 5691.16 cusecs of water, the district administration said and asked people on both sides of Periyar to exercise caution.