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Maneka Gandhi points out that no forest can survive without wild boars

BJP MP and environmental activist Maneka Gandhi opposes the government’s decision to kill wild boar. They wrote a letter to the state forest minister AK Sasindran stating that no forest can survive without pigs.

Wild boar are the main food of the wildlife. Killing them will lead to the slaughter of wild animals. Maneka Gandhi said that if wild boars are killed, wildlife will return to the country in search of food. The letter cited the forest department’s order to kill wild boar in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, as an example.

200 wild boars were killed in a week in Chandrapuri. Within a month, 60 tigers had arrived from the forest. The Minister then revoked the order of the Minister. Menaka Gandhi pointed out that the same accident could happen in Kerala as well.

However, Minister AK Sasindran said that no one was allowed to enter the forest and shoot the wild boar and the state had taken only steps as per the Central Wildlife Act. The government had yesterday decided to give the local bodies the power to allow wild boars to shoot down and kill farmers in populated areas.

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