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MoS Jitendra Singh says, Indians regained confidence in their identity under PM Modi regime in 8 years

In the eight years that the BJP has been in power, Indians and the Indian diaspora have acquired confidence in their identity, according to Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh. ‘Indians, both within the country as well as those living abroad, regained confidence in self-identity under PM Modi’s regime in 8 years.’ MoS Jitendra Singh remarked at a Dehradun event.


‘There was an atmosphere of desperation, pessimism, and hopelessness among average Indians and the Indian youth living abroad, sometimes even felt hesitant to reveal their identity, but after the arrival of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, India and Indians began to be looked up with respect and esteem,’ Prior to 2014, Singh said.


According to the union minister, the betterment of the poorest among us has been the guiding idea behind all union government projects. He claimed that the only criteria used by the union government in allocating resources is the needs of the people. Singh went on to say that this has led in less regional inequities and significant investment in small, underdeveloped but crucial states like Mizoram in the North East and Uttarakhand in the northeast.

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