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Maharashtra to welcome its first Vande Bharat trains between Mumbai-Pune

Maharashtra has received good news from Indian Railways. The state is preparing to receive its first Vande Bharat train, which is touted to be one of the country’s fastest. Despite the fact that the government has not said when the trains would be operational, they are likely to begin on August 15.

The locations between which the Vande Bharat trains would go are unknown, although one of the routes has been confirmed: Mumbai to Pune. The installation of the Vande Bharat train would considerably shorten travel time between Mumbai and Pune. The quickest train between Mumbai and Pune is the Deccan Queen, which takes three hours and ten minutes to traverse. Vande Bharat, on the other hand, will complete the distance in 150 minutes, or two and a half hours.

These trains are also operational between New Delhi and Varanasi, along with New Delhi and Katra. The operating speed of Vande Bharat is 130 kmph, while on some railway sections, it has been operated up to 160 kmph as well. The maximum speed of these train are upto 200 kmph.

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