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Buddhist monks thank India for organising International Vaishakha Buddha Purnima celebrations, aid to Sri Lanka

Colombo: A group of high-ranking Buddhist monks, the Chief Prelates on Sunday expressed gratitude to the Indian Government for providing humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka amidst the country’s ongoing economic and political crisis. They also thanked India for organising the celebration of Buddha Poornima.


‘Sri Lankans inherited their religion, culture, traditions and civilization from India and this relationship and brotherhood should grow from strength to strength. Buddhist philosophical concepts are right and most suitable to the entire world at all times and the Maha Sangha was touched immensely over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment and passion towards promoting Buddhism’, stated a Sri Lankan magazine, Satipatthana in a press release citing a message of the Chief Prelates.


On behalf of Maha Sangha, the prelates also expressed gratitude to India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) for organising the grand celebration of Buddha Purnima day on May 16. Besides, they also appreciated the efforts of the Secretary-General IBC, Dr Dhammapiya Thero and the Deputy Secretary-General IBC Dr Damenda Porage of Sri Lanka and members of the IBC for its continued hosting of the event on an imposing and grand scale every year for the past so many years.


The message conveyed by the Supreme Patriarch of Sri Lanka Sri Amarapura Maha Nikaya Dr Dodampahala Chandrasiri Maha Thero, the Deputy Chief Prelate of the Malwatte Chapter of the Siyam Maha Nikaya Dimbulkubure Wimaladharma Maha Thero, Deputy Chief Prelate Anunayake Thero of the Asgiriya Chapter, and Makulewe Wimala Mahanayake Thero of Sri Ramanna Maha Nikaya also conveyed their blessings for peace and harmony and mutual love in the entire world at this present time of chaos, turbulence and hostility, the press release said.


On May 16, the celebration of Buddha Purnima took place in three sacred shrines connected with the birth, life and teachings of the Buddha – Lumbini, Bodh Gaya and New Delhi, which were attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lumbini and President Ram Nath Govind at New Delhi. PM Modi and his Nepalese counterpart Sher Bahadur Deuba participated in the foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of a Centre of Buddhist Culture and Heritage in Lumbini.


After the ceremony, the PM unveiled a model of the Buddhist centre, which is envisaged as a Net-Zero compliant world-class facility that would house prayer halls, meditation centre, library, exhibition hall, cafeteria and other amenities. The centre will be open to Buddhist pilgrims and tourists from around the world. PM Modi addressed a large gathering of monks, officials, dignitaries and those associated with the Buddhist world. On the occasion, Buddhist monks, religious masters and practitioners from across the world called for peace and exhorted the people to reflect upon the universal teaching of Buddha and wished the people a very happy, healthy and peaceful Buddha Purnima.