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Three-tier security for Modi’s Hyderabad visit

Hyderabad: Massive security arrangements will be in place ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Hyderabad to attend the BJP’s National Executive Committee meeting at HICC Novotel on July 2 and to address a public meeting at Parade Grounds on July 3.

At least 5,000 police personnel will be deployed as part of the security for the Prime Minister’s two-day visit to Hyderabad. The state police would handle security outside the meeting venue by enforcing three-tier security procedures, while the SPG commandos and central security personnel would be on guard inside the HICC and Novotel grounds. Sources claimed that in order to communicate with the SPGs and other central forces and coordinate with the security agencies, only a limited number of IPS officials are permitted inside the conference room.

Senior officials from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and SPG have spoken with the Telangana police personnel to learn more about the security measures in place. The police authorities discussed creating the Prime Minister’s minute-by-minute programme schedule and presented security preparations.

The officers of the meteorological department have also been instructed by the security officials to obtain a weather report. Officials have also decided to execute a trial run from Begumpet Airport to Madhapur HICC to ensure smooth arrival of flights.

The police officials have instructed the various police officers in Hyderabad, Rachakonda, Cyberabad, and the surrounding district areas to keep additional reinforcements on standby for security of several chief ministers from various states.