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Telangana woman kills daughter, fabricates narrative about chain snatchers to place blame

According to police, a woman allegedly killed her infant daughter, who was reportedly mentally unstable and ill, in a sump here on Monday and then tried to create the impression that some chain snatchers were to blame for the death.


According to the police, the woman first claimed that the one-year-old baby died after falling into a sump during an effort to catch her chain close to her home. Investigation, however, ruled out chain-snatching as the root cause, they claimed. After being accused of killing the baby herself, the woman allegedly created the drama, according to the police.


According to investigators, the baby that died was the woman’s younger child, who was also mentally ill. . The woman killed the baby as she thought it would be a problem to the infant and herself in view of the health condition, according to the police, who added that the woman admitted the crime while being questioned.

She was brought into custody after a case was filed, according to the police.