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5 Syrian servicemen killed in Israeli airstrike on airport in Damascus

Early on Saturday, the ministry of defence reported that Israel had carried out an airstrike on sites south of the city, including the Damascus International Airport, which resulted in the deaths of five soldiers and material damage. According to a ministry statement, Syrian air defences intercepted the attack and were able to destroy the most of the missiles.


There was no immediate confirmation if the strike has affected airport operations. If the strike had an affect on airport operations, it wasn’t entirely apparent.


According to regional diplomatic and intelligence sources, Israel has escalated its strikes on Syrian airports in an effort to disrupt Tehran’s growing reliance on aerial supply routes to transport weapons to allies in Syria and Lebanon, particularly Hezbollah.


Following difficulties in land transfers, Tehran has resorted to air transport as a more reliable method of transporting military supplies to its forces and partner fighters in Syria.


Since 2011 protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad turned into a civil war that drew in foreign powers and left Syria divided into zones of control, hundreds of thousands of people got killed and millions have been made homeless.