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Hang if I’m wrong, or you quit: Sukesh to CM

In a three-page letter addressed to the media shared by his lawyer, he said, “Kejriwal ji, if any of my raised issues to Delhi LG turn out to be wrong as you and your associates said, I’m ready to be hanged. But if the complaint is proven true, you will resign and retire from politics for good.”

In the letter, shared by his lawyer, Sukesh said, “I hereby am giving this press statement as AAP is trying to fight me and provoke me with war of words instead of answering the truth of all that I have said and asked in my previous press release, and complaints to Delhi LG.”

The conman said that questioning the timing of his disclosures, as few states are going to polls and Delhi bracing for the MCD polls, was not right as he was purely moving as per the law.

“Kejriwal ji you and your associates are saying that all this is done purposely now during elections, why it was not done before when ED and CBI Questioned me? And why I did not disclose it before? I will answer this, let me tell you that I kept quiet and ignored everything but due to your constant threats and pressure through the Jail administration and Mr. Jain (Jailed Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain) asking me to give funds during Punjab and Goa polls, brazenly even though I was undergoing investigation this year, it became too much and I don’t have any need to take all this from you, I decided to move as per law,” he wrote.

“Kejriwalji why Mr. Jain was constantly asking me to withdraw complaint filed in HC against former DG Sandeep Goel and the jail administration, why was I constantly threatened apart from asking me to give more funds for your election campaigns? Why afraid of enquiry? What are you scared off if you are truthfull?” he asked.He also lambasted Kejriwal for sending him alleged offers and threats to toe the line and said that he was not intimidated by such tactics. “Kejriwal ji stop sending me offers and threats through the jail administration and your cronies (Chellas). I am not intimidated or interested in any of your offers, I will not back out, I will make sure every single transaction given to you and Mr. Jain is brought before the court of law with every piece of evidence that I saved from start knowing how dual-faced you are. I am thankful to God that he gave me that thought at that time when all this started in 2016, to keep record of everything,” he said.