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Terror politics has no place in India, BJP’s CK Bose contradicts Dilip Ghosh

KOLKATA: West Bengal BJP vice-president Chandra Kumar Bose on Sunday contradicted state party president Dilip Ghosh over his recent controversial remark about “intellectuals” and said that terror politics has no place in the country.

“Dilip Ghosh is the party president. Only he can say why he made this statement. I don’t believe in terror politics and unnecessary attacking people,” Bose said.

Ghosh had, on Friday, described the “intellectuals” opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as “spineless”, “devils” and “parasites”.

“I think a little modification and amendment is necessary. This is not about religion. Instead of attacking those who are critical of us, we need to make people understand what the CAA is about,” Bose said.

Bose, who is the grandnephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, said that people have a right to protest and they need to be given that space.

“You cannot abuse and tell them to disappear. Of course, they will show up because they are in Parliament. Next time who can be sure whether or not the people will vote for us?,” he said.