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Delhi polls: Why is BJP bringing outsiders asks Kejriwal

New Delhi, Jan 29: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused the BJP of insulting the people of the national capital by bringing in “outsiders” to campaign for the February 8 assembly polls.

Kejriwal said the Bharatiya Janata Party has brought 200 MPs, 70 ministers and 11 chief ministers from outside to defeat him.
“They are bringing 200 MPs, 70 ministers and 11 chief ministers because people of Delhi did not support them so now they are bringing in outsiders. They are coming to defeat the people of Delhi,” he said at the Gokapluri constituency while campaigning for AAP candidate Surendra Kumar.
“They are coming to defeat your son Kejriwal. They are coming to insult all of us. They will come and say your schools are in bad condition, your mohalla clinics are in bad shape. Will you keep quiet?” Kejriwal asked to which the audience responded with a resounding “no”. Kejriwal urged people to recount the development works done in Delhi in the past five years in front of the BJP leaders when they visit different areas asking for votes.
“This fight is between the two crore people of Delhi and 200 BJP MPs. When they come, recount all the works done in the last five years and send them back to their states. Do not let them insult Delhi,” he said. Addressing his party supporters, Kejriwal said he has worked as an elder son of the family. “I paid the electricity and water bills like an elder son of your family, I arranged for a good education for the children of the family, I took care of the health of your family and arranged for their medicines, I arranged for pilgrimage for the elders of the family as an elder son,” he said.
“If they visit your area, welcome them properly, ask them they are from which state and then ask them about Delhi. Please also ask them about the number of hours that their states receive electricity and its price. And then tell them that Delhi receives 24-hour free electricity,” he added.
Kejriwal also asked people to tell the BJP leaders about mohalla clinics. “Ask them about the water bills that the people of their states receive. If they quote a price, tell them that Delhi has a free water supply. Ask them whether their states have mohalla Clinics, and show them one if need be. Ask them the results achieved by their school students, and tell them that students of Delhi have received 96 per cent. “And when all this is done, serve them tea and advise them to go back and handle their states instead of giving speeches in Delhi,” he added.

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