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AAP set to win Delhi with 54 to 60 seats says opinion poll

New Delhi, Feb 04: The Aam Admi Party is expected to return to power in Delhi with a comfortable majority, an opinion poll has said.

The Times Now-IPSOS opinion poll predicted that the AAP would end up with around 54 to 60 seats. The BJP on the other hand would win 10 to 14 seats, the poll also predicted. In comparison to the previous elections, the BJP stands to gain around 7 to 11 seats, while the AAP would be losing 7 to 13 seats.

The Congress on the other hand is likely to get around 2 seats the opinion poll also predicts. The rest of the UPA allies are unlikely to bag even one seat in the elections to be held on February 8, the poll says.

The AAP is expected with get 52 per cent of the votes in comparison to the 18.11 per cent it ended up in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP on the other hand would end up with a vote share of 34 per cent, in comparison to the 56.56 per cent it had bagged in the Lok Sabha elections.