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How To Avoid Motion Sickness While Travelling

Motion sickness is common when we are travelling. It is caused by the disturbance of a part in the inner ear through the repeated motion from a vehicle or any other motion. During travel, feeling nauseous takes the fun factor out of the window. So what are the ways through which people can avoid it? Here are some of them

Lemon salt

The nauseous feeling can also be restrained by mixing lemon juice and salt in water. You simply can make lemon juice and carry it with yourself for the journey. Drink it when you start feeling nauseous.


Ginger too helps people during travel due to its strong taste. Remove the outer layer of ginger, carry thin slices of it while travelling, and keep them in your mouth.

Roasted cloves

Before the start of the journey, placing a few roasted cloves in your mouth can limit the dizzy and nauseous feeling to a great extent. Some people have problems with the taste of cloves and don’t like to chew on them. It isn’t a big problem as people can make powder out of roasted cloves and keep it with them.

Citrus fruits

The most commonly consumed citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit can come handy to fight motion sickness. Citrus fruits have one thing in common, they are sour. Due to their strong taste, they have been credited to make people feel better while travelling.


Mint leaves can be consumed during the journey or even before it. Its strong and refreshing smell is renowned for rejuvenating the brain and making your mouth feel fresh.

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