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Best Beaches in India Where You Can Flaunt Your Bikini Body On International Bikini Day 2021

July 5 is celebrated as the International Bikini Day every year. All around the world, bikini is the quintessentially sexiest outfit. Bikinis are such a great attire to hit the shores, and unwind. However, owing to some factors like cultural boundaries and safety issues, wearing bikinis anywhere in India seems to be a little challenging.

Having said that, there are some absolutely lovely places where wearing bikinis doesn’t pose to be an issue at all. So, if you’re wondering which are the suitable places to wear these swimsuits, look no further.

On the International Bikini Day, here is a list of best places to wear bikinis in India:


Kadmat beach in Lakshadweep is one of the very popular tourist spots. A superb holiday destination, this serves as a perfect place in India where you can bask in the white, sandy beaches comfortably donning bikinis.


Almost every beach lover’s favourite place to relax and unwind would be by the sea beaches in Goa. Butterfly is one of the most serene and safest beaches in Goa, where you can enjoy occasional sightings of dolphins, along with crabs and butterflies while chilling and wearing your swimsuit, far from crowded places.


It’s a paradise for anybody looking for a suitable destination to flaunt a bikini bod. The beach is located in North Goa and is very peaceful. A great pace to sunbathe and sip cocktails.


One of the appropriate places to wear bikinis would be this Mahabalipuram beach in Tamil Nadu. It’s a wonderful, clean beach with not too many people around.


Spend a lovely time, without having to worry about unwanted gazes in this Radhanagar beach in the beautiful Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It’s a picturesque beach with very few visitors.


This beautiful beach, also known as Papanasam beach in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, could easily make it to your list of choicest beaches to wear bikinis.

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