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Natco Pharma Launches Novel Fixed-Dose Combination Drug For Colorectal, Gastric Cancer

Natco Pharma on Thursday said it has launched a novel fixed-dose combination of Trifluridine and Tipiracil, used to treat advanced colorectal and gastric cancer, in the country. The company has launched the product under the brand name Tipanat in a pack of 20 tablets in a bottle, Natco Pharma said in a regulatory filing. Tipanat is a novel antineoplastic nucleoside analogue indicated for the treatment of advanced colorectal and gastric cancer.
In India, around 1,25,000 new cases of the above-mentioned cancers are reported every year. Tipanat is of high importance in not only extending survival but also in preserving the quality of life in the late lines of treatment which is currently an unmet medical need, the drugmaker said. The company said it has launched the medication at an affordable price.

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