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From Reducing Hair Fall to Keeping Anaemia At Bay, Here are Health Benefits of Black Raisins

Black raisins or Kaali Kishmish is one of the must-have addition to the winter snacks as they will not only help in weight loss but also keep the cholesterol and blood pressure levels in control. From preventing hair loss to relieving constipation, the benefits of black raisins are countless. A little sweet and little tangy black raisins are prepared by drying certain varieties of black grapes. You can also add it to a variety of desserts like cakes, kheer and barfis to enhance the taste. While you can consume dried black raising, soaking them in water overnight multiplies their health benefits. It increases the anti-oxidant present in them. The best way to consume it is by having a handful of soaked raisins daily in the morning.

Helps osteoporosis: Black raisins are high in potassium, calcium as well as iron. The high amount of calcium present in it strengthens the bones and hence helps in forestall the onset of osteoporosis.

Reduces grey hair and hair fall: In case you are experiencing dry and brittle hair throughout winter, start consuming black raisins every single day. They’re powerhouse of iron and contains Vitamin C that facilitate the quick absorption of the mineral and nourishes the hair.

Keep blood pressure level in control: Black raisins are boon for those who have high blood pressure. The excessive potassium present in raisins aids in decreasing sodium from the blood and hence control the blood pressure level.

Relieves constipation: Excessive quantities of dietary fibre in black raisins present bulk to the stools and help in an easy motion.

Keep anaemia at bay: The black raisins are highly rich in iron which can prevent anaemia. Consuming a handful of black raisins daily can cure anaemia.

In addition to these, black raisins are also helpful in reduction of menstrual cramps, combat in opposition to unhealthy LDL cholesterol (reduces LDL LDL cholesterol), good for oral well being (as a consequence of the presence of phytochemicals), as well as reduce acidity or heartburn and enhance power ranges.