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Weight Loss: These Hacks can Help You Shed Kilos in Winters

Laziness is synonymous to the winter season. In the cold season, people prefer to lay in their beds beneath warm sheets and reduce physical activity to a bare minimum. On one hand, the level of our physical activity dips, and on the other, people tend to eat more often which poses a challenge for those trying to stay fit or shed kilos. But we have some tricks rolled up our sleeves, which will bend the winter season in your favour, meaning you will be able to lose a few kilos by being the lazy self.


When and What You Eat

Winter makes us eat more as the cold temperature increases our daily calorie requirements in order to keep the body warmer. The trick to getting a grip on your diet is by breaking the chain and eating on time and also filling your plate with healthy and fiber-rich foods. This is because fiber keeps the stomach fuller for a longer time, which further prevents the craving for unhealthy foods.

Distribute the calories throughout the day

Instead of having three large meals and starving in between the meal time, go for small meals. This will not only keep you fuller for a longer time but will also reduce your junk food intake. Do not skip any meal. Consume foods in moderation and fill your plate with protein, whole grains, and colourful fibres. 5 small meals would be enough in a day — heavy  breakfast, followed by a proper lunch, and a light dinner, include two snacks in the form of fruits or a bowl of salad.

Insulate your body

Cold temperature in the morning and evening can pose a health risk if people don’t wear adequate clothing. It is advised that you layer up to keep the body warm. During the workout, as your body temperature increases, remove the outer layers. As you begin the cooling down exercises, put those layers back to stay warm. Remember, the body heat escapes through the head and neck, hence put on a warm hat or headband and even a workout-friendly scarf.

Drink Lukewarm Water

A balanced diet and workout are essential for losing weight, irrespective of the season. But we often tend to overlook the role of water and the problem becomes even more serious in the winter seasons. Due to the cold weather, we don’t feel thirsty which leads to dehydration. The dehydration can further increase hunger pangs and it also decreases the fat burning capacity of the body.

It is wise to switch to lukewarm water in the winter season. Drinking lukewarm has a couple of benefits linked, it stimulates blood circulation in the body by breaking down fat deposits and will help in maintaining the body temperature. Lukewarm water is a good option to reduce the intake of tea and coffee.

Shiver For A While

When the weather is bearable, sometime in the afternoon or in the evening, before sunset, talk a walk outside. Studies have suggested that shivering even for 10 to 15 minutes burns about as many calories as an hour-long session of moderate exercise.