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Can Detox Juices Cause Harm to Your Body, Here’s What Research Says

Detox juices are the talk of the town because of their claim for quick weight loss, cleansing toxins from your liver, controlling blood glucose levels, and supporting heart health. It’s okay to consume the drink with a proper diet. Many people, however, consume non-regulated detox juices as a meal replacement or health elixir for additional benefits and it’s a matter of huge concern. The cleansing mechanism of detox juices has no sound evidence to back their claim. Detox juices, teas, and supplements contain multiple ingredients, some of which are not good for health. Here is all you need about detox and detox juices.


People should be first aware of what detox is actually. it’s a process of ridding your body from all addictive substances, toxins and refuelling the body. Our body has its own mechanism to clean toxins via the liver, faeces, kidneys, urine, and sweat. The liver filters toxins via phagocytosis by using the sinusoid channels which are lined with Kupffer cells, a special type of immune cell. These cells take in all the toxins, and digest, and excrete them. Lungs also clean the toxins by using tiny hairs called cilia that throw out all the unwanted particles via coughing or sneezing.

The kidney is another vital organ that is responsible for detox. Kidneys flush away toxins through urine. The colon or large intestine also acts as a self-cleaning oven.


Detox juices claim to contain natural or herbal ingredients that help the body stimulate the detox process. These drinks claim to remove toxins from the liver and other parts of the body via urine and sweat, as well as improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, decrease bloating, reduce chronic lethargy, and provide essential nutrients.


Several medical research documented numerous potential risks associated with detox juice. Detox juices, teas, and supplements contain multiple ingredients which can be harmful at times if not consumed in limited quantities.

As the liver is a detoxification organ, people think that detox juices can clean the liver, boost the metabolism and help with weight loss. However, they might harm their vital organs in the process. Liver diseases can be treated medically. However, the National Centre For Biotechnology Information claimed that one of the most used detox supplements i.e, green tea extract, can lead to acute liver failure, either requiring liver transplantation or causing death if consumed in a larger amount.

The portal also shared a case of a 60-year old woman who died of liver failure after drinking Yogi brand “detox” tea three times a day for 14 days. She was believed to have suffered liver failure because of the tea’s ingredients that contained 18 herbs. In another incident, an Epsom salt detox led to manganese toxicity in a 50-year-old woman who died due to multiple organ failure.

Detox juices or drinks contain multiple unknown ingredients in a significantly higher quantity. Overdosing some of these ingredients may lead to serious health complications and sometimes even death.

Many people drink detox juices for quick weight loss or organ cleansing. However, initial weight loss can come back easily once the consumption of supplements is stopped. It’s better to eat healthily, engage in regular physical activity, and take care of your mental health in order to improve your overall well being.