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Did You Know About These 9 Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Do you often have difficulty falling asleep? Don’t worry; it’s not that rare in our generation as millions of people suffer from sleep disorders owing to various reasons. However, a few adjustments in your diet can help you with this problem and one of them is drinking chamomile tea before going to sleep. Chamomile tea does not cure sleeplessness per se but is often used as a natural sleep inducer in multiple cultures. In India, chamomile tea is also known as ‘Babune ke Phal ke chai’ and it has a stellar reputation of being effective in managing illnesses, including diabetes.

Due to its healing qualities, it is used as a traditional remedy by many. Chamomile belongs to the asteraceae/compositae family, commonly known as the daisy family, and it blooms during the early summer month. The flower is native to Asia, North America, Australia and different parts of Europe.

Here are nine health benefits of drinking chamomile tea:

  1. Chamomile tea is linked with reducing the severity of menstrual pain.
  2. It can also be used as a helpful supplement for diabetes patients as the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea helps in lowering blood sugar.
  3. Chamomile tea is widely used to fight sleeplessness and for relaxation. The antioxidant properties of the tea are the reason it is regarded as a mild tranquilizer.
  4. It is also used as a substitute to treat colds. Inhaling the steam of chamomile tea also helps in easing sore throat and nasal congestion among other things.
  5. Chamomile tea also helps with mood swings, anxiety and is known to provide calmness.
  6. A few studies also suggest that drinking chamomile tea promotes better digestion.
  7. The antioxidant qualities of the tea also help in improving heart health.
  8. Chamomile tea also fights harmful bacteria and works as an immunity booster.
  9. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of chamomile tea also help in reducing acne breakout.