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Tips To Stick To A Workout Regime During Winters

ur desire to keep warm and cosy grows stronger as winter approaches. The majority of us enjoy spending this time cuddling up under a blanket with our loved ones and wrapping our fingers around a nice cup of coffee. Gym and fitness routines tends to take a backseat and the motivation to be fit takes a beating in the cold weather. But do remember health is important and as they say, health is wealth.

Aditi Gupta, Premium Coach, FITTR shares a list of practices that will ensure you maintain your fitness.

Set practical and attainable goals

People must be quite clear about the precise goals they have in mind. It might involve squatting more heavily, running with pets, jogging, or prolonged surfing. The best strategy is when people force themselves out of bed to reach their training objectives, regardless of the workout regimens they choose.


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Prefer workout variations

This is important since it keeps individuals from getting bored during their indoor and outdoor workout routines, such as home yoga, swimming, gym alternatives and brisk walking. It also keeps them motivated and committed throughout. Prioritizing our favourite and most enjoyable workout options will help us stick to them. Walking outside in the sunshine will also help to raise vitamin D levels, which is good for our skin, hearts, and immune systems as well as our mental and emotional health.
Choose the right team or partner
When exercising alone in the winter, one frequently forgoes workouts. However, there is some social pressure when people exercise regularly with a partner or in a group environment. They achieve greater results in terms of performance and happiness as a result. Group classes have the advantage of being more socially supportive than exercising alone as it makes one accountable.
Be punctual and dedicated towards the regime
We should arrange our workout routines every day by marking them down in the calendar if we want to make fitness a daily component of our routine. Despite a busy schedule, scheduling habits make it easier to carve out specific times for exercise. We may easily and swiftly accomplish our fitness goals in this way, all without being sidetracked.