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Summer safety: Tips to keep yourself hydrated amid heatwave spell

Large swaths of North India, as well as many other southern states, are experiencing dangerously high temperatures. As a result, many people who live in affected areas will need to be extra cautious about staying safe and healthy. Too much exposure to the sun might be hazardous and it can lead to Dehydration. Furthermore, Dehydration can lead to serious circumstances such as:

  • Heat cramps
  • Heat stroke or sunstroke
  • Heat exhaustion

Here are some tips to stay hydrated during a heat wave

The heat makes you sweat, which cools you down. However, that also means you’re constantly losing fluid.

Sip water throughout the day

Don’t put it off till you’re thirsty! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration or weariness. Use the colour of your urine to determine whether you’re adequately hydrated – the clearer, the better.

Go for sugar-free juice

Natural juice with no added sugar not only hydrates you, but it also contains critical nutrients that will keep you energetic and fed in hot weather. One of them is vitamin C.

Say no to alcohol

While an ice-cold beverage with a paper umbrella sounds nice on the beach, it won’t be as refreshing for your body. This is because alcohol dehydrates you even more.

What to eat to stay cool

We know, to a lesser extent, that our food habits have a significant influence on body cooling. Make a list of the foods to consume during a heat wave.

Fresh produce

Dark leafy greens as compared to other food products contain 80 to 90 per cent water, which makes them easy to digest and also helps in keeping gut and body cool. You can also add watermelons, coconut water, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, strawberries and soups to your summer meal list.