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Introducing Snake Pizza In Collaboration With Historic Hong Kong Restaurant

American multinational restaurant chain Pizza Hut has taken an adventurous leap into the world of unique culinary creations by collaborating with a Hong Kong restaurant to craft a distinctive dish – the snake pizza. This daring move is part of Pizza Hut’s marketing strategy, aiming to generate buzz around its innovative pizza offerings.

The snake pizza boasts shredded snake meat, black mushrooms, Chinese dried ham, and other ingredients traditionally found in snake stew, a popular dish in China. Snake stew gains popularity during colder months, believed to prepare individuals for hibernation by consuming snakes fattened up during autumn. Some unverified claims even suggest health benefits associated with snake meat, such as improved skin health and medicinal properties.

In Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand, snakes are commonly consumed. Pizza Hut’s promotional campaign suggests that snake meat pairs exceptionally well with cheese and chicken, highlighting nourishing and blood circulation-boosting properties in line with Chinese traditional medicine.

The unique snake pizza recipe originates from Central Hong Kong’s “Ser Wong Fun,” a snake restaurant established in 1895. Featuring a 9-inch base with abalone sauce instead of the traditional tomato base, the pizza was available until November 22.

While some Hong Kong locals express excitement about this novel recipe, others find it unconventional, noting that snakes are not commonly consumed in many parts of the world, particularly in the West.

The general manager of Pizza Hut’s Hong Kong and Macao branches attributed the success of the snake pizza to Ser Wong Fun’s expertise, utilizing Chinese rat snakes, banded kraits, and white banded snakes. Pizza Hut plans to introduce more unique menu items, including a pizza with Chinese sausages inspired by a popular local claypot rice dish.

This move is in line with Pizza Hut’s history of introducing unconventional ingredients like pig blood curds, preserved eggs, and durian to its menu, reflecting and embracing local culinary culture. Other pizza chains worldwide, including Dominos in Taiwan and Pizza Hut in Japan, have also ventured into innovative toppings, emphasizing local flavors and culinary trends.