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Taste Success with Your DNA Diet Plan

What is a DNA Diet?

Do you and your sibling prefer the same diet or does it suit you both the same way? That is definitely not the case. Rather it cannot be. This is because one diet cannot perfectly fit everyone. An individualised diet plan works differently for every individual. This has been backed by scientific research. Genes or the DNA in human bodies can be used to create a specialised or specific diet that suits each fine. In simpler words it can be referred to as an individualised diet plan. It is made to help people struggling to keep up with their diets.

The Idea Behind a DNA-Based Diet

The whole idea came from the concept of DNA sequencing which allows the study of various genetic traits associated with various health conditions and diseases. Then the idea of nutrigenomics developed. It is the study of the relationship between the human genome and nutrition. It came about as a result of the belief of some researchers and diet planners to come up with the most appropriate diet that will work best for any individual.

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Points to Consider While Choosing a Nutrigenomics Test

While choosing a nutrigenomics test, you will benefit from considering the following points:

  •       The purpose of the test. The type of information that you would require and whether it can optimise the whole purpose of your testing. As companies provide varying areas of test specialisations, you have again be selective there to know whether you will get what you want from it.
  •       The cost of the test is another big point to consider. It should suit your budget.
  •       The accuracy and validity of the test is another point in consideration. Be absolutely sure about the company before investing in tests.
  •       Read as many reviews as possible about the tests and the companies conducting them. This will give you a fair idea about their expertise and accuracy.

How Nutrigenomics Work?

This is a process where your genetic information is analysed by a combination of DNA testing and its interpretations by an expert based on the findings of the DNA test results. The steps followed are as follows:

  •       Collection of DNA sample
  •       Analysis of the genetics
  •       Interpretation of the results
  •       Recommendations made by the expert for actionable results

Benefits of nutrigenomics

There are quite a few benefits that can be derived from nutrigenomics. A personalised diet plan is crafted according to one’s unique genetic constitution. The weight loss strategies are then aligned with the body’s specific needs to make them more effective. Overall health gets a boost as nutritional deficiencies or intolerances are addressed as such. As this is a potentially new field, success results are not openly visible, but if once they are reviewed, it is there for everyone to see.

Tips to Make Nutrigenomics More Effective

Here are some tips to make your nutrigenomics work better:

  •       Weighing yourself on a regular basis is very much required on a reliable scale
  •       Body metrics like waist and hips are a must
  •       Food intake, portions and sizes should be noted down
  •       Daily activities, steps and calories burned should be tracked
  •       To track changes photos should be taken