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What Is Benching? Know Its Popularity Among Young Adults

These days, new words like “situationship” and “breadcrumbing” have been created by today’s generation to describe relationship dynamics. One such term is “benching.” It means keeping someone on hold as a backup option while pursuing others. Are you also doing this to someone? It seems today’s young people are so caught up in their own desires that they often neglect each other’s feelings.

Today, this article will explain a new relationship concept and why it’s becoming popular among young people. It will also provide advice on how to steer your relationship in the right direction.

Benching in a relationship means keeping someone on hold without committing to them seriously. It’s like keeping them in reserve to meet emotional needs or spend time with when convenient, even though there’s no intention of a serious relationship.

Dating apps and social media make it simpler to find partners, encouraging some to date multiple people simultaneously to keep their options open. This increases the likelihood of benching.

Some individuals avoid serious relationships due to insecurity and fear of emotional pain. They flirt with others and exploit their feelings as a result.

Being in a benched relationship can deeply hurt the other person, especially if they’ve invested emotions in it and wastes the other person’s time.

Firstly, it’s crucial to communicate your feelings and understand the other person’s thoughts in your dating or relationship.

If you desire a serious commitment, discuss it openly with your partner.

If the other person doesn’t value your feelings or meet your needs, it’s important to exit the relationship. Focus your time and energy on your values and personal growth.