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Risks Associated with Excessive Cold Coffee Consumption

While cold coffee may seem refreshing during summers for an instant energy boost, excessive consumption can have negative health effects. It not only causes fatigue and weakness but is also considered detrimental to the digestive system. Moreover, if you suffer from blood pressure issues, consuming cold coffee is not advisable. Discover in this article why cold coffee, now a significant part of lifestyles, can pose serious health risks.

While consuming juice or lassi is ideal for keeping the body hydrated, considering cold coffee in this regard may not be beneficial. Excessive consumption of cold coffee can lead to dehydration issues in the body. This is why it’s advised to limit caffeine intake during summers.

The presence of sugar in cold coffee can potentially lead to high blood pressure issues. If you are a diabetic patient and prefer consuming it, you may consider avoiding sugar altogether.

It is not considered beneficial for digestion. It can disrupt gut health, leading to issues like gas and acidity for many individuals after consumption.

Excessive consumption can lead to problems like headaches and fatigue. High caffeine intake can disrupt sleep at night, resulting in lower energy levels throughout the day.