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Could Your Bandages Be Putting You at Risk for Cancer?

People for small cuts or scrapes, simply apply a bandage. This makes it easier to continue working. Every household’s first aid box contains bandages, which are as indispensable as a family member. People have trusted bandages for years.

Bandages undoubtedly help heal wounds, but recent research has revealed something quite shocking. Mamavation, in collaboration with Environmental Health News, conducted a study that found bandages could pose a cancer risk. The study discovered that many bandages available from various companies in the market contain cancer-causing elements.

Dr. Preeti Agarwal, a consultant in the Medical Oncology Department at Narayana Hospital in Jaipur, states that repeatedly using bandages for minor cuts or injuries is not good for your health. According to a recent study, bandages used for injuries can potentially cause deadly diseases like cancer.

The study found that many popular brands of bandages contained chemicals like PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which can cause cancer.

How chemicals from bandages enter the body-

PFAS earn the nickname “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down easily in the environment. These chemicals can accumulate in the human body through bandages. They can enter the bloodstream through open wounds, potentially causing serious diseases like cancer.

Avoid using bandages for minor injuries to avoid cancer risk-

The study also found that the level of organic fluorine used in making bandages ranged from 11 ppm to 239 ppm, which can significantly increase the risk of serious diseases like cancer. Therefore, as a precaution, you should not use bandages for every minor injury.