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No More Milk Spills, Follow These Easy Tips To Prevent Overflow

We have often witnessed women taking great care while heating milk at home. They check it repeatedly to prevent it from boiling over and spilling onto the gas stove, which increases the cleaning work and can cause damage. Sometimes, they even have their kids stand in the kitchen to keep an eye on the milk.

Whether it’s a coincidence or bad luck, the milk doesn’t overflow as long as you watch it, but the moment you look away, it boils over and makes the gas stove dirty. However, you might not have considered that there is a solution to this problem. Let us show you how you can keep the gas stove clean and prevent it from overflowing.

Use a wooden spatula-

To prevent milk from spilling while boiling, use a wooden spatula. This trick works effectively. Whenever you boil milk, place a wooden spatula on top of the pot to break the top layer of steam and stop it from overflowing. Avoid using a steel spatula because it will get hot and be difficult to handle.

Use a large pot to heat the milk-

To prevent milk from spilling while boiling, always use a larger pot instead of a small one. A bigger pot gives it extra space and prevents it from overflowing onto the gas stove. When you use a small pot, it boils over quickly. Therefore, choose a bigger pot according.

Using butter will be helpful-

To stop boiling milk from spilling over, use butter on the edges of the pot. Apply butter before you start boiling it to create a smooth surface that will keep the it from overflowing. You can also use oil, but it might give the milk an unpleasant smell.

Double Boiler Method-

To use the double boiler method for boiling milk, fill a large pot with a quarter of water and heat it on low. Once the water starts boiling, place the pot of milk on top. This method takes longer to boil, but it prevents it from overflowing.