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Canadian Man Carries His Amputated Arm Wherever He Goes

Life is quite unpredictable and one can never know what will happen next. At times you may have seen people losing one of their body parts and feeling after being separated from the physical part. But there is a man who accepted this and is often seen carrying away his amputated arm. You may find it strange, but this is true! Scroll down to read more.

In an unfortunate accident, Mark Holmgren, a Canadian suffered a brachial plexus injury after he crashed his brother’s bike. As a result of it, the right arm became dysfunctional since his shoulder nerves were torn and damaged during the accident. It was in the year 1999 and Mark was barely 17 years old. Mark is now 37 years old and for these many years, he hoped that the medical advancements could help him in curing back his arm and thus, he won’t have to depart from his right arm. But after seeing no option, he underwent surgery in April 2019. He was operated at the University of Alberta Hospital. However, he put his conditions before the doctors saying that he should be given his appendage after the surgery as he didn’t want to depart from his arm.

Once the surgery was done, the arm was sent to a lab to make sure it can be preserved. It is after one month when Mark received a call from the lab stating that he can now take away the arm with him. “I carried it out of the hospital in a garbage bag. I actually kept it in my freezer for about a month,” told Mark to the press. According to him, he kept the arm in the freezer until he found a taxidermist. The taxidermist allowed the insects, bugs and flesh-eating beetles to eat away the flesh. Once there were only bones left, the skeleton was cleaned and polished. It is after this when Mark collected his skeleton from the store of the taxidermist.