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Beauty Products You Should Avoid During The Winter Season

The harsh winter weather can compromise your skin barrier leaving your skin dry and irritated. Even if you don’t have a naturally dry skin type, the cold and dry winters can suck the moisture of your skin. Tweaking your skin routine with the change in the weather is a step in the right direction. But, we usually consider what we should do, not what we shouldn’t.

Alcohol-based products

Alcohol tends to make your skin dry. And thanks to the harsh winter weather your skin is dry enough. You would be surprised to know how many of your skincare products contain alcohol, especially the toners. Sure they remove the dirt and balance your skin’s pH, but during the winter season, avoid the products that are alcohol-based. Go for organic products instead.


For all those lazy lads who feel it is too much task to use a face wash, be warned! Soaps are not exactly skin-friendly. Soaps have high pH, much higher than your skin. Using harsh soaps can disrupt the pH balance of your skin and strip the moisture of your skin. Use a gentle cleanser to wash the face instead.

Too coarse scrubs

Exfoliating the skin is a vital part of the skincare process. It helps to get rid of all the dirt, impurities and grime for the skin and deep cleanses it. While we won’t suggest you to completely stop exfoliating, you mustn’t over-exfoliate. Exfoliate your skin just once a week and use a soft scrub with small particles to do it. The scrub with chunky particles can cause damage to your skin.

Powder Make-up

There are different textures of products in the world of make-up- cream, powder and gel. Of these, powder products are quite easy to work with and thus we use them frequently. Be it the powder foundation, blush or contour, these products make our work so easy. But, powder products are a big no-no during winters. Powder products keep the oil secretion of the skin in check, oftentimes absorbing the excess oil. Combined with the dry winters, it can leave your skin parched. So, it is better to avoid powder products and opt for cream products.

Clay Masks

The whole USP of a clay mask is that absorbs the excess oil and grime of the skin and cleanses it deeply. It is, therefore, ideal for oily skin. Do you get where we are going! Using a clay mask during winters will leave your skin dry and dehydrated. Ditch the clay mask and opt for the enriching fruit masks this season that hydrate your skin instead of sucking the moisture out of it.

Products With Fragrance

You might love your products smelling amazing, but your skin wouldn’t! Dry skin and fragrance make up for a very bad combination. Winters make your skin extremely dry and the sweet-smelling products that your skin was completely fine during the summers, might irritate your skin now. So, it is best that you go for fragrance-free products.