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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

Green tea which is made from the Camellia sinensis plant has been popular among the masses for several decades for its immensely professed health benefits, whether be it weight loss, inflammation or bloating.

The tea contains a mixture of polyphenolic compounds like flavanols, flavonoids and phenolic acids, which are specialized antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for your overall health. Numerous studies support the positive effect of green tea on one’s health.

One of the most popular benefits of green tea is that it aids in healthy weight loss – which is one of the central reasons for its popularity. When should we opt to drink green tea? Usually, people prefer to have a cup of hot tea in the morning. But, you’ll be surprised to know that there are several benefits of drinking green tea before bedtime as well.

To start an energetic day, green tea before bedtime, had during the previous night, can be a very good option. What you eat and drink before bedtime has serious effects on your health. Having green tea before bedtime is surely advantageous, as it is loaded with several health benefits. Go through the following points to know more about these health benefits.

1. Improves Your Sleep

Sipping green tea before bed could help you manage sleep-related problems like insomnia. The L-theanine compound in green tea, an amino acid help you relax and reduces anxiety. This is turn will improve the quality of your sleep [1]. According to a survey, it was asserted that drinking a cup of green tea one hour before your sleep time can help you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed [2].

2. Keeps You Relaxed

This is one of the most important benefits of having green tea before bedtime [3]. The caffeine in this tea improves the functioning of your brain. Besides, the amino acid, L-theanine, gives you good relief from anxiety and makes you feel relaxed and calm [4].

3. Improves Your Metabolism

Several medical studies have proved that a sound sleep without any interruption can help improve your metabolism [5] [6]. Having green tea can help you improve your metabolism, which can turn can help promote a healthy sleep cycle [7].

4. Reduces Risks Of Flu

While looking for benefits of drinking green tea before bedtime, this is important. During a season change, you are more exposed to viral fever. Polyphenol in green tea prevents viral attack and keeps you away from flu. Having it at night can reduce the risk of flu up to 75 per cent [8].

5. Removes Toxins From Your Body

Having green tea at night stimulates your bowel movement in the morning and helps get rid of all the natural waste from the body. Waste deposition means more toxin release, which is the reason for several diseases [9]. Drink green tea after your dinner and make sure you don’t have anything after that until morning.

6. Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Especially when drunk at night, green tea is said to help decrease your chance of getting a heart disease [9]. As per the findings of a study conducted at Harvard University, it has been proven that green tea before bed can significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular disease [10]. The study also showed that this tea may also reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides [11].

7. Improves Your Dental Health

Bad breath in the morning is nothing we have unheard of. At night, your mouth will be over-run by inflammatory and harmful bacteria, which results in the breath of not-so-fresh air in the morning. To avoid this and to improve your dental health, drink a cup of green tea at night [12]. A compound called catechins and the antioxidants in green tea prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

8. Burns Fat

Drinking green tea before going to bed can speed up your metabolism, which when combined with a good amount of sleep can improve your metabolism as a whole (some studies say it increases by 4 per cent). This, in turn, works up the thermogenic properties within green tea, which promotes fat burning [13].