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10 Foods You Should Avoid Eating In The Morning

Certain foods that you eat for breakfast can either make or break your day. To get your body running with high energy levels throughout the day depends on how you start your morning. So, the right combination of protein, fibre and healthy fats is required to make your breakfast a power-packed meal.

1. Breakfast cereals

Many breakfast cereal brands have written on packages that they contain whole grains. But, in reality, these cereals are highly processed and contain a small number of whole grains and mostly refined grains and added sugars [1]. This increases the risk of many chronic diseases, including obesity.

2. Store-bought breakfast sandwiches

You might think that getting a sandwich from a food joint is healthy and a filling option for breakfast. But, you could be wrong as many of these packed sandwiches are high in refined carbs and low in fibre. This can lead to a spike in blood sugar, increase bad cholesterol and make you gain weight [2].

3. Pre-mixed oatmeal

The store-bought packet oatmeal does make your mornings easy, but, actually, they are just boxed cereals in disguise. Flavoured oatmeals are the worst foods to eat in the morning because they are highly loaded with sugar and low in fibre. According to a study, people who consumed oatmeal increased fullness and reduced hunger as compared to those consumed oat-based ready-to-eat breakfast cereal [3].

4. Muffins

Muffins have the reputation for being healthy, but it’s not because it is made with vegetable oils, sugar and refined flour. They also contain added sugars or filled with dry fruits and chocolate chips.

5. Pancakes and waffles

Pancakes and waffles are surely popular choices for breakfast, but they are the worst foods to eat in the morning. It is because they are very high in refined flour and are topped with pancake syrup, which contains high fructose corn syrup [4].

6. Pastries

Pastries, croissants and doughnuts are worst foods to eat in the morning for breakfast because they lack in fibre and protein and are also loaded with excess calories, sugar and unhealthy fats [5].

7. Store-bought fruit juice

Are you in the habit of grabbing a fruit juice or smoothie from your favourite food outlet? If yes, then stop doing it as they have added sugars. Some of these smoothies contain full-fat milk, ice and cream and is more like a milkshake rather than a smoothie [6]. Opt for home-made fruit smoothies made with Greek yogurt.

8. Granola bars

Granola bars sound like the best breakfast option, isn’t it? But, they are often no better than candy bars and they contain a lot of added sugar. Granola bars contain a combination of sugar, honey and corn syrup. This can raise your insulin levels, inflammation and blood sugar.

9. Flavoured yogurt

Flavoured yogurt is an unhealthy breakfast food. It contains no healthy fats and is packed with sugar as compared to Greek yogurt. Eliminating the fat from yogurt will deplete your body from the essential nutrient.

10. Scones

Scones are usually topped with jam or cream and most people have it for breakfast. But not many know that it is an unhealthy breakfast option because it’s high in calories, and refined carbs and low in fibre and protein.