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Coronavirus scare: Varanasi school comes up with ‘karo na’ list

VARANASI: A private school in Varanasi has hit upon a novel method to create awareness about the coronavirus and remove misconceptions about it. It has prepared a list of do’s and don’ts and named it is ‘karo na’ (don’t do ) list.

The school has started a ‘corona class’ for students in which they are given information about the virus and the precautionary measures needed to escape being infected.

Jayashri Gupta, a teacher in the school, said, “We have started these extra classes from Saturday. We are informing the children about the symptoms of the coronavirus and how to avoid the infection by listing what is not to be done – ‘karo na’ .”

Since ‘karo na’ rhymes with the corona, the children find it amusing and easy to comprehend and remember, said the teacher.

The ‘karo na’ list asks children not to shake hands or hug each other, not to share tiffin and not to drink water for another’s bottle. They are also asked not to share towels and handkerchiefs.

The children are also asked to wash their hands frequently and to report to parents and/or teachers if they feel unwell.

They are also told to maintain high standards of hygiene in school and at home.

The teacher said that since Varanasi attracted a large number of tourists, it was necessary for the local people to be aware of the outbreak of the virus and take steps needed to save themselves from it.

“We have decided to keep the children educated on this issue so that they can convey the information to their parents also,” the teacher said.