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Coronavirus: Demand for separate rooms hindering functioning of Army’s quarantine facility

NEW DELHI: Army personnel operating the coronavirus quarantine facility at Manesar have been receiving unusual demands from those under observation, like requesting for independent rooms, which is hindering its smooth functioning, sources said on Thursday.

On Wednesday, those under observation also created ruckus at the facility but the situation was brought under control, the sources added.

They indicated that it costs around Rs 3.5 lakh everyday to run the facility.

While it is deemed to be a facility responding to emergency requirements, the sources said, many under observation demand special provisions like independent rooms.

“This creates hindrances in the smooth functioning of the medical and administrative staff at the facility,” an official added.

Till date, a total of 455 individuals who have arrived from Wuhan (248), Japan (124) and Italy (83) have been quarantined in three batches at the emergency quarantine facility created by the Indian Army.